St. Mark Catholic Academy

Once more I’d like to welcome you back to Saint Mark Catholic Academy for the 2022-2023 school year. Over the summer, my family and I made our annual August trip to Disney World, and during our vacation, there was a moment that made me think immediately of SMCA and all of you…

Now, I know you must be thinking: Why is the principal thinking about school on vacation? But, to be honest, I couldn’t help it…After a long night in the parks, we were headed back to our hotel on one of the Disney buses.  By the way, my daughter thinks that every MTA bus in New York City goes to Disney World!) When guests are being taken back to their hotels, Disney plays ambient music on their buses. Since we were staying at  Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the music had a nautical feel to it; there was even an occasional seagull squawk, too. This immediately reminded me of Sheepshead Bay. Then, as we got closer to Yacht Club, an automated announcement interrupted the music and seagulls: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Please collect your belongings, watch your head and step as you disembark, and take small children by the hand. Thanks for riding with us, and welcome home.”

That was it: Welcome home! For a few days in August, Disney World does feel like home for my family and me, but for ten months out of the year, Saint Mark Catholic Academy is my home—and I hope that it is a home for all of you, especially our students. So, when I heard that announcement, I knew exactly how I would greet all of you to start the school year…

As I have done so many times in the past, I know I can count on my Saint Mark family to provide a welcoming and warm environment of all members of our school community. So, whether it’s your first few days with us, or you have been with us for many years… “Welcome home!”

Mr. Mark Wilson

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