Religious Education

Faith Formation Office
2602 East 19th Street

Ms. Jo Ann Pino Director of Religious Education
Office Telephone:  718-769-6311


The First Confirmation Proximate Preparation is Sunday, November 21, following the 10:15 Mass in St. Mark’s Academy cafeteria.

A parent or guardian and the candidate must attend. (Enter through schoolyard on E. 18th St. & Ave. Z)


Religious Education will be holding a Thanksgiving can and non-perishables collection. Please send items in with your child to class by Sunday, November 21st. 

Thanksgiving is when we Thank God and share meals and gratitude with family and friends. It is good practice to offer thanks before meals as Jesus did. Encourage Each other to mention something specific for which he or she is thankful for. Don’t forget to thank God even in the hard times as well as the good times. Be grateful for what we have and give thanks to God.

!! The Giving Tree !!

That time of year is here again! We will be helping less fortunate children and adults during Christmas.

The advent Giving trees will be displayed in the Church beginning Saturday, November 27th through Sunday, December 19th.

The tags are prepared by some of our candidates preparing for Confirmation.


Your gifts will be donated to Sisters of Life, Hour Children, Catholic Charities St. Mark’s St. Vincent de Paul Society, & The 41st Assembly District’s Toys for Tots for the Marines. 

**Call Ms. Pino with  any questions @ 718-769-6311


** When in Church**

Some of us need to be reminded at times how blessed we are to have a place as beautiful as ours in which to worship God. When we come to Church we are on “Holy Ground” in a “consecrated place.” That calls all of us to a spirit of reverence and respect, the same reverence and respect shown by arriving on time for Mass and not leaving early before the liturgy has ended. It means NO loud talking so others may pray, NO CELL PHONES heard ringing or being used. 

What we “wear” to Church also says a lot to those about how important the Eucharist is to us. We can do all these things simply by appreciating “where” we are and still make our Church a place & time of welcome, warmth & friendship for all who come to worship.

 **Call Ms. Pino with  any questions @ 718-769-6311


For Religious Education for either children or adults, please contact Ms. JoAnn Pino, Director of Religious Education at (718) 769-6311.

Click here for information about children’s Faith Formation.

Click here for information about RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).

Our parish faith formation classes are for children in public schools grades 1-8 and special needs in partnership with parents, if needed.

Classes will be held on Sunday. We will attend the 10:15am Mass first and the classes will follow Mass.  Children will be released after class from the school building in the schoolyard.  We encourage you to attend Mass with your child.

Registration:  You can mail in the form, drop it off at the rectory, or you can download it on line and email it to

First Holy Communion
For First Holy Communion, children need two years of religious education before receiving their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion which is celebrated, in most cases, in the second grade.  There are four additional proximate preparation gatherings for the parent and child to attend to help prepare the children for their First  Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Confirmation is celebrated in the Spring.  During the school year there will be an additional four proximate preparation gatherings for the parent to attend with child.  Also a Confirmation retreat for the candidate and an interview with the priests.

RE-REGISTER AND REGISTER   The Re-registration form was sent home with your child.  If you choose you can re-register on line.  Late fee of $25.00 per child as of August 1


For new registrants,please contact the Faith Formation Office during business hours to set up an appointment at 718-769-6311.  You will need your child’s birth certificate and baptism certificate (if your child has received the sacrament of Baptism) and we will register your child for September classes.

We also have a Little Catholics program for children ages 4-5 (must be potty trained.) Faith Formation is for all God’s children. If your child has special needs please let us know during registration so we can make the necessary arrangements for your child.

The Religious Education program of St. Mark Parish educates our young people about the message of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Church. Over the course of eight years, students join in the Mass on Sunday and celebrate the sacraments.  They should come to understand religion is not another subject but rather a way of life, so they may experience a personal relationship with God.  It is our hope that this program, with the help of parents and families, will enable our children to develop and grow into active members of the Catholic faith.

The continuing faith formation of your child  is very important.  Once your child receives the Sacrament of First Holy Communion does not mean it is the end of their faith training.  After First Holy Communion, you should enroll your child in the following years of religious education and continue until they receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the 8th year.


For registration forms, please click on the links below: