Annual Catholic Appeal

Let us pray for the success of the Annual Catholic Appeal in our parish and diocese this year, that the Holy Spirit may move us in faith to unite our prayers with our financial support to do the good works of Christ to feed the hungry, educate the young, visit the sick and imprisoned, welcome the stranger and increase vocations to the priesthood so that the Eucharist may always be celebrated for God’s people. Make your donation here today   The 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal is underway.

The 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal is underway.

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Please Pray for the Sick

Tina Cook
Daniel Paluszek
Lisa Lovbosco
Laura Durant
Hope Schwartz
Marie Giannotti
Carissa D’Alba
Kimberly Palmo
Alfred DeMola
Walter Brady
Catherine Staren
Jennifer Costa
Romilda Zambelli
John Angelo Buccheri
Raymond Fazio
Mark Aragona
Olivia LaSpina
Saul Godinez
Maria Calise
Rachel Marin
Joseph John Buccheri
Sally Frances Buccheri
Barbara Harris
Lisa Montalto
Andrea Montalto
Christopher Walker
Joanne Newlin
Nina Pionegro
Anna Monaco
Robert Fernandez
Rose Chiusano
Lia Shteyman
Marcus Gonclaves
Jennifer Russo
Lisa Weiner
Anthony Timoney
John Maese
Kenneth Smith
Cole Mancini
Ron & Danielle McGrisken
Thomas Ciccone
John Maffeo
John Tenetye
Peter & Cecilia Quinones
Carol Webb
Ann Toussaint
George Marshall
Joseph Ford
Cristina Kurland

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