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Parish of St. Mark – St. Margaret Mary
2609 E. 19th Street
Brooklyn, NY  11235
(718) 891-3100

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

Appointment to see a Priest:
If you desire an appointment to see a Priest of the Parish, please call the Rectory 718-891-3100 during office hours.


Pastor Very Rev. Robert V. Mucci
Parochial Vicar Rev. Sergiy Emanuel
Parochial Vicar Rev. Michael Panicali
In Residence Rev. Joseph P. Quigley
Deacon Rev. Mr. Paul Morin
Parish Office Ms. Jacqueline Biagioni (718) 891-3100
Ms. Rosemarie Barbuto
St. Mark Catholic Academy Mr. Mark Wilson, Principal (718) 332-9304
Mrs. Lori Ryan, Secretary
St. Mark Religious Education Ms. Jo Ann Pino (718) 769-6311
Youth Ministry Coordinator Mr. Michael Davis (347) 574-1828
St. Mark Choir Mr. David Indyk, Director of Music (203) 517-6430
St. Vincent de Paul Group Mr. Tom Scalese, President (718) 891-0443
Ms. Jean Hogan, Vice President
Homebound Ministry Ms. Maureen Genoversa, Coordinator (718) 332-2663
Ministers of Hospitality Mr. Tom Scalese (718) 891-3100
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist Mrs. Geraldine Kubat, Coordinator (718) 769-4514
Lectors Ms. Stephanie Rizzo, Coordinator (718) 743-5338
Rosary Socieety Ms. Kathy Fackovec, President (917) 517-4260
Mrs. Marie Sommer, Vice President (718) 743-0977
The Friendship Club Ms. Anita Troise, President (718) 648-6488
Mrs. Delia Volpicelli, Vice President (718) 332-5105