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Parish of St. Mark – St. Margaret Mary
2609 E. 19th Street
Brooklyn, NY  11235
(718) 891-3100

Summer Hours:  The Rectory office will be closed on Fridays in the months of July and August.

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

Appointment to see a Priest:
If you desire an appointment to see a Priest of the Parish, please call the Rectory 718-891-3100 during office hours.


Pastor Very Rev. Robert V. Mucci
Deacon Rev. Mr. Paul Morin
Parish Office Ms. Jacqueline Biagioni (718) 891-3100
Ms. Rosemarie Barbuto
St. Mark Catholic Academy Mr. Mark Wilson, Principal (718) 332-9304
Mrs. Lori Ryan, Secretary
St. Mark Religious Education Ms. Jo Ann Pino (718) 769-6311
Youth Ministry Coordinator Mr. Michael Davis (347) 574-1828
St. Mark Choir Mr. David Indyk, Director of Music (203) 517-6430
St. Vincent de Paul Group Mr. Tom Scalese, President (718) 891-0443
Ms. Jean Hogan, Vice President
Homebound Ministry Ms. Maureen Genoversa, Coordinator (718) 332-2663
Ministers of Hospitality Mr. Tom Scalese (718) 891-3100
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist Mrs. Geraldine Kubat, Coordinator (718) 769-4514
Lectors Ms. Stephanie Rizzo, Coordinator (718) 743-5338
Rosary Society Ms. Kathy Fackovec, President (917) 517-4260
Mrs. Marie Sommer, Vice President (718) 743-0977
The Friendship Club Ms. Anita Troise, President (718) 648-6488
Mrs. Delia Volpicelli, Vice President (718) 332-5105