Office of Faith Formation

REMINDER:  No Classes – Sunday, January 16th, Martin Luther King Observance.

Reminder for Confirmation Candidates
Your sponsor’s declaration paperwork that was given out at the first gathering should be submitted to Ms. Pino by the end of February.  If papers are not submitted, the Church will choose a sponsor for you.

Confirmation Proximate Preparation Gathering
Sunday, January 23rd-Confirmation candidates and Sponsors. 
We attend the 10:15 am Mass and then proceed to the Academy Cafeteria for our gathering.

Role of a Sponsor

A sponsor must be 16 years old and have completed all their sacraments of initiation, which are: Baptism, Eucharist & Confirmation.

  • A parent cannot be a sponsor.
  • Your sponsor will stand with you and present you to the Bishop.
  • When you are anointed with the chrism during Confirmation, your sponsor will be beside you with his/her hand on your shoulder.
  • This is a sign of your spiritual relationship.
  • **When choosing a sponsor, think if the person is someone with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Does this person live near enough to you to truly be able to be a guide and a support?
  • Will this person be willing and able to be your sponsor and to take an active role in your faith life?

**Call Ms. Pino with  any questions @ 718-769-6311