Upcoming Events

The Giving Tree - beginning November 23rd

It is that time of year again! Once again we will be helping less fortunate children & adults during Christmas. The Advent giving trees will be displayed beginning Saturday, November 23rd.

The trees will be decorated with tags, made by our candidates preparing for Confirmation and St. Vincent de Paul members. Please see the bulletin for details.


It's time to Light the Bay for Christmas!

If you would like to participate, please call the rectory. Gift levels are:

$2000 (Gold),       $1000 (Silver),       750 (Red),       $500 (Green)        $200 (White)

A personal message (5-10 words) will be placed on an individual sign near your tree. Please Note: There are a limited number of trees available so please make your pledge early.


St. Mark Catholic Academy Christmas Boutique, December 7 & 8

Saturday, December 7th from 9am to 6pm.   Sunday, December 8th from 9am to 5pm.  For information, call Michael Davis at 347-574-1828.


Rosary Society Annual Christmas Dinner Dance, December 9

All are welcome to attend the Annual Christmas Dinner Dance on December 9th at 7pm at Gargiulo's Restaurant.  $60 per person. For info / reservations, please call Kathy Fackovec (917) 517-4260 or Maria Sommer (718) 743-0977.